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Friday, July 17, 2009

Advance Loans: A friend in need

Short term cash advance loans today have become the necessity of people today. As it is clear from the name itself these loans are meant for meeting short term needs or demands. These special quality of this loan is that they are designed keeping in mind the daily and immediate necessities that an average person may face in his day to day life. Another USP of these kinds of loans is that these loans can be made available to the loan applicant in a very short period of time or at very short notice.

These short term cash advance loans can be availed very easily. But there are few terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled by the loan aspirant before applying for these loans.

First, the applicant must have an active or running bank account. This is to ensure the smooth running of transactions.
Second, the applicant should be of 18 years.
Third, the applicant should have a regular source of income i.e. the applicant must have a fixed source of income. If the candidate fulfils these conditions then he will be able to avail loan easily.

There are some more features of these instant payday loans. First, these loans are short term in nature therefore no unnecessary documentation is needed. Second, again there is no need of pledging any asset with lenders as security. Third, repayment process is very short and simple. Fourth, the lenders do not go for the regular credit check of the borrower in case of these loans.

But there are also few things that the borrower should keep in mind. First, since these loans are for short period therefore they are of unsecured nature. Hence the lenders of this loan will charge comparatively higher rate of interest. Second, as the repayment period is very short, thus the borrower could not afford to default the payment of instalments because after it the borrower would be slapped with a very heavy fine.

Hence these are the few things that the borrower of short term cash advance loans should keep in mind while applying for it.

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